Thank You for a Wildly Successful 2nd Annual Great Canadian Goat Run!

A cool windy day did not deter over 80 runners from participating in the 2011 Great Canadian Goat Run. 50 runners registered for the 5K run and 34 signed up for the 10K.

Each runner got a T-Shirt with a special Goat Haiku written by the Company goats!

Once again, The Honourable Wayne Easter, MP for Malpeque, was our race starter.

CTV News was on hand to cover the event, here’s their news story:

Jeremie Buote and Olivia Craig took home a medal and Soap Shop Gift Certificate as our youngest male & female runners. The oldest runner, Rick West, won our “Old Goat” award that included a molded Goat goat’s milk soap bar and a CD by Ten Strings & A Goat Skin.

This year, along with our “scent matching quiz” that wins the observant runners bars of Goat’s Milk Soap, there were a couple of rubber chickens on the course and a special prize was promised to the runners who brought back the chickens. Both chickens were returned by the winners of each race. Edwin Gillis, winner of the 5K, and setting a new course record, crossed the finish line in 20:16 with chicken in hand.

 Madeleine Crowell was the top female in the 5K, finishing in the new female course record time of 21:05.

In the 10K race, Billy MacDonald set a new course record, crossing the finish line in 36:57, chicken in hand

Dianne Watts Pye was the top female in the 10K in a time of 47:37.

5K Results ~ 10K Results

As promised, the chicken retrievers received a special prize – an Oxfam Unwrapped Chicken and a Get Cracking hardcover Egg Cookbook.

Everyone in attendance was treated to the wonderful music of Ten Strings & A Goat Skin.

“This trio, three young men who have a passion for traditional music, is riding a new wave of pride in the Acadian, French and Irish cultures they share and exploring ways to bring new life to well-worn and much-loved traditional standards and songs.  This enthusiastic bilingual trio will entertain and delight.  Jesse Periard, Caleb Gallant and Rowen Gallant are Ten Strings & A Goat Skin.”

As well, Katie had a variety of soups & teas on at her Lemonade Stand to warm runners up after the race and, once again, Robin’s Donuts in Winsloe supplied us with Hot Chocolate and a mountain of sweet treats.

Our selection of Door Prizes this year was diverse and delightful. We are truly moved by the generosity of our Door Prize sponsors. We hope you will join us in supporting these individuals & businesses who supported us! A full list of our Door Prize sponsors is HERE.

A Goat Run wouldn’t be a goat run without goats running so once again, after the people ran, the goats got their chance.

Male winner (also winner of the youngest male runner) was Jeremie Buote with Brigit

The Female winner was Sandra McConkey with Chloe

When all was said and done, a good time was had by all. Some runners comments can be found HERE . But as well as a fun celebration of Running & Goats, The Great Canadian Goat Run is about giving back, both locally and globally. To that end, we thank all the runners & neighbours who contributed to our Food Drive for the Upper Room Food Bank, here is what you donated:

 Well done! That will make a difference to a number of Island families!

Teaming up with Oxfam Canada this year and working with the Oxfam PEI crew,

our fundraising to Give the Gift of Goats through Oxfam Unwrapped was a huge success. Because I was in Toronto right after the race I was able to hand deliver a cheque to Oxfam Canada for TWENTY Goats!

That’s a lot of goats!

Goats are one of the world’s heartiest animals, adapting and surviving in extreme climates and environments. A single dairy goat can produce almost 100 litres of protein rich milk each month for the recipients and their families. But these goats are not about food security – they are about providing the recipients with a marketable commodity (milk), and the skills needed, to earn an income. Two goats can produce 2 to 3 kids a year. With the first female kid of each gifted goat being given to another family, The Gift of Goats will keep on giving!

“Your gift also includes animal vaccinations, animal health training and instruction on marketing, meaning a single goat can create greater self- sufficiency, self-esteem and educational opportunities for recipients and their families. Each goat is purchased in the region where it is needed. Oxfam’s program officers ensure that communities have the resources and training to take on the responsibility of animal rearing.”

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for making this event such a great success. To each and every runner, volunteer, Event & Door Prize sponsor and all those who donated to the Food Drive and/or the Goat Fund thank you! Thanks to all the media who helped get the word out and CTV for covering the event. Thanks to the PEI RoadRunners for all they do with registration, timing and publishing the results. Thanks to the Department of Highways for supplying cones, vest & signs and to the RCMP for their presence, all this contributed to a safe event. Thanks to Oxfam PEI & Oxfam Canada for all their help & support. Thanks to Ben and the Goats of The Great Canadian Soap Co for designing the great T-shirts and the Goat Soap Gazette subscribers for choosing the colours for them. Special thanks to Jesse, Caleb & Rowen, the boys of Ten Strings & A Goat Skin for making such great music on a nippy Saturday morning!

And finally, thanks to The Great Canadian Soap Company, their staff & families who all took active roles and made this event such a great success.

See all the photos from the event here

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